1. We’re a #SevenDaysie! Vote for us and a ton of other amazing local business, artists and people at sevendaysvt.com/daysie-ballot-2014

  2. Oh no we’ve done it again! #mothershipdown, luckily we have #ducttape this time! (at Holyoke Mall at Ingleside)

  3. Catch us every Wednesday in May at @nectarsvt ! We have some killer acts from all around the northeast join us for a different theme each week! #BalkunBros - #circus
    @dillonnashe - #blacktie, #GhostDinnerBand - #pirate
    @ripelove - #toga

  4. Beautiful Utah! #VT here we come! Our #mothership got a new paint job, thanks to @rizzledizzle510 watch out for #thunderfunk !

  5. Gang of Thieves - Sexy Star Circus (Official Video) 

    ​From our new album Thunderfunk, set to release April 20th 2014 at ArtsRiot in Burlington, VT!  
    Get your tickets and RSVP HERE

  6. humansofnewyork:

    "My favorite moment is any time that a kid looks at me, and I can tell from the look in his eye that he wants to be a musician. Yesterday I gave a drumstick to a kid with a mohawk, and from the excitement in his face, I could tell that he’d never need drugs and alcohol as long as he could play music."

  7. Thank you #CozyCornerBBQ for the best BBQ in the world! Now we are ready to rock #Udallas! (at Cozy Corner)

  8. Rockin the James Moore Tavern at Bolton!

  9. One Gang of Thieves’ worth of stuff. Ready to rock Bolton!

  10. About to throw down! #gangofthieves #rockout